Best Guitar Teachers in Denver



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My name is Christopher Macor,  author of the forthcoming book,

Jam with your Friends:  Guitar Improvisation in any mode, any key “.

I teach Guitar, Drums, Bass, Voice, keyboard and songwriting.

My first specialty is to get you playing your favorite songs as soon as possible.

My second specialty is to get you playing lead with your friends playing their favorites songs!




If you live in the Denver/Boulder County area, Click here to contact me and get started playing soon!

I come to your home!

Any age, any style!

If you are outside the Denver Metro area,  click here for Zoom Guitar Lessons.

I have taught all ages and all styles successfully for over 10 years.

“I like that he teaches his students the songs that they are interested in right from the start, so that the kids really enjoy learning and are excited about the music they are playing.”






“There are many good guitarists out there. There are many good teachers out there. It is a rare thing, however, to find a good teacher as well as a good guitarist all wrapped up into a neatly organized, always on time, affordably priced package.”