A Ionian or major scale

There are 5 patterns that cover the entire fingerboard.

There are 3 diagrams I`m including for each pattern:

One showing the fingers ( left hand fingers are numbered 1 through 4 starting with the index finger)

One showing the notes

One showing the steps ( steps are the number of the scale tone )

A Ionian 1st pattern fingersA Ionian 1st pattern notesA Ionian 1st pattern stepsA Ionian 2nd pattern fingersA Ionian 2nd pattern notesA Ionian 2nd pattern stepsA Ionian 3rd pattern fingersA Ionian 3rd pattern notesA Ionian 3rd pattern stepsA Ionian 4th pattern fingersA Ionian 4th pattern notesA Ionian 4th pattern stepsA Ionian 5th pattern fingersA Ionian 5th pattern notesA Ionian 5th pattern steps