Gift Certificates


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Thanks for considering a Guitar Lesson as a gift!



The process of buying one is fairly simple.

You decide if  the recipient comes to my house I go to theirs.

____  My house $45/hr.

____ Your house $55/one hour lesson*

Then decide how many lessons you want your gift to be for.

____  My house $45/hr.

____ My house (2) $80

____ My house (3) $105

____ Your house $55/one hour lesson*

____ Your house  (2) hour lessons $100

____ Your house (3) hour lessons $135


You can send me a check:

Christopher Macor


or Paypal me the payment

Guitar Lessons

I will then email you or snail mail you the signed gift certificate

The recipient has one year to redeem your gift

Skype gift lesson`s are also available at this link


If you would like to set up a cash arrangement, some other package  or if you have any questions please contact me



A phone interview will be available prior to the lesson(s) so that we can determine exactly what the student wants to play on guitar!

“I like that he teaches his students the songs that they are interested in right from the start, so that the kids really enjoy learning and are excited about the music they are playing.”

* this is valid for the Boulder, Lafayette, Loiusville, Erie Co. area.