Local Lessons

Feeling unfulfilled with your creativity?


Wish you could play guitar?


Know that song on the radio that you`d give anything to play?

What`s in the way?

Girls can do anything!

Don`t have the time?


Don`t have the money?


Don`t think you have what it takes?


Well, first of all it only takes a couple hours a week.

Second, it only costs $37.50 per week

And third, if you have the motivation, with the right instruction, you have what it takes!


If you have a guitar great!

If not I`ll help you afford-ably purchase one.

Sign up for some lessons and you`re ready to go.


Just practice 20 minutes 3x/week plus an hour lesson.

The goal is to learn that song.

If you want to sing it we`ll work on that too.

So what`s really stopping you?

Wait no ah stop

Do you deserve it?

If you have the motivation then you deserve it!

How will it effect your life?

Self expression is a wonderful thing. It`s like fertilizer, it helps everything to grow.


How will it effect the world?

You following your passion and manifesting your

dream does make a difference in the world!


What will you learn besides guitar playing?

You will learn how to believe in yourself and hone your self-expression so that you really are effective in the world?


Is this meant for you?

Is there any one who`s vision is more important than yours?


Any style any age

Guitar instruction that changes your life!


Putting you at the helm of your own creator-ship


Christopher Macor is a local resident ready to travel to your home

4 hour lessons for $150