Skype Guitar Lessons

“His talents as a musician, instrumentalist and instructor, and ability to tailor the experiences to each student, are exceptional.”

Christopher Macor offers affordable online web cam guitar lessons.

You will need to have a skype account.

All you need to do is email me that you`re interested.

Tell me

1. Your skype user name.

2. If you`re a beginner, intermediate or advanced guitarist

3. What you would like to learn. examples: Lead Guitar, Seven Nation Army by Jack White, Theory, Classical guitar etc.

4. How soon you would like to start.

5. And what kind of guitar you`ll be using. ( I can suggest what guitar to purchase if you don`t have one yet)

I will email you back with any further questions and to set up a time for your lesson.

You will need to make your payment through the paypal option below at least 24 hours in advance.

That`s it!

See you online!



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“Chris has an amazingly accurate ear. He can tune a guitar better then my most expensive tuner.”