“I would no doubt suggest Chris to anyone who wanted to learn guitar and know they would be in the right hands.”


Chris is a wonderful guitar teacher and human being.  He has taught my son, Danny, for over 2 years now.  Chris has such a wonderful style of teaching that really engages the student.  I like that he teaches his students the songs that they are interested in right from the start, so that the kids really enjoy learning and are excited about the music they are playing.  It was really nice to see the connection he has with all of his students at the recital also.   I can’t say enough about what a great musician, teacher and individual Chris Macor is.  I am very grateful that he is in our lives.  –Richelle Knowles, Boulder, CO

Chris teaches guitar to both of my children and we could not be happier with the instruction.  They play current songs that the boys want to learn (Green Day, One Republic, etc.), adjusting them if needed to suit their skill levels.  He’s been very accommodating of our hectic schedule, too.  The lessons feel like weekly jam sessions for the kids and we love having music fill our home! – Rachel Brown, Denver, Co.

Chris has been incredible with my 8-year-old son.  He doesn’t just teach him how to play the drums; he inspires him to be creative and really want to play.  My son absolutely loves studying with Chris. –  Julie Padilla, Denver,Co.

Chris Macor has taught guitar to our family for many years. His talents as a musician, instrumentalist and instructor, and ability to tailor the experiences to each student, are exceptional. Chris has enriched our lives musically in ways that would be challenging to replicate. – Rick Roman, Denver, Co.

Chris has been an amazing teacher. Not only is he very patient yet he still motivates one to pursue their passion for playing guitar. From learning your first chords to singing songs that you get to choose, I am more than happy about having Chris as my teacher. He is incredibly open to new ideas and overall a wonderful tutor. I would no doubt suggest Chris to anyone who wanted to learn guitar and know they would be in the right hands. -Madeline Pellicore, Denver, Co.

Chris has impressed me on several levels.  First, he has shown great flexibility and ability to work with our family not only as a guitar instructor (per our original intent), but also as a drum and voice instructor.  Second, his well coordinated and annual spring concert provides an excellent opportunity for students to prepare to perform either as soloists or as members of ad hoc groups.  And third, Chris’s obvious love of music flows through every facet of his work. – Seth Terry, Denver, Co.


 Chris was enthusiastically referred to us by a family friend who had been taking lessons from him for a few years. Prior to Chris, we had cycled through 4 drum instructors in 2 years. Without consistent  instruction, Cole was not progressing much over time. Once lessons started with Chris, we saw more progress in the first 3-4 months with Chris than the previous 2 years. Cole practices independently based on Chris’s instruction and really looks forward to his weekly lesson. An added bonus is Chris comes to our home for the lesson and works with Cole on his own drumset. Chris is an exceptional instructor and we feel very fortunate to have him working with Cole every week.- Wendy Nading, Denver, Co.
There are many good guitarists out there. There are many good teachers out there. It is a rare thing, however, to find a good teacher as well as a good guitarist all wrapped up into a neatly organized, always on time, affordably priced package. Chris, while being a masterful guitarist and skilled bandleader, juxtaposes this with a no quit attitude when it comes to what his students are capable of. I have been a student of Chris’s for over 8 years now, and I find that every lesson I learn something new. He is also capable of teaching much more than guitar if you ask him to. Unlike your stereotypical guitar teacher who views their teaching as a “day job” and their music as their passion, with Chris they are one and the same. In fact, when I was in 5th -8th grade, I organized a group of students to be in a band with me called “Demolition”. Not only did Chris embrace my creativity, he also encouraged it and helped us develop our own songs, rather than copy others. In fact, Chris does not teach guitar so that one can copy others’ music, but rather teaches you others’ music in the hope you will use it as inspiration for your own. Chris teaches things that cannot be quantified by normal metrics. He can teach you what 4/4 timing is, but he can also teach you how to “Jam Out!” and just have a good time. Because at the end of the day, if your not having fun, you won’t stick through the hard parts. Chris can, however, teach you a song- note-for-note if that is your style. When I attended Kent Denver high school, Chris taught me every single note of Santana’s leads in the song “Smooth”, which I later performed at the top Jazz club in Denver, “Dazzle”. Not only did Chris make that possible, but he also drove down from where he lives in Boulder, Colorado and stayed for every last second of the show. It was and is the highlight of my years with Chris. Teaching notes from a book is one thing, but teaching them from ear is another thing entirely. Chris has an amazingly accurate ear. He can tune a guitar better then my most expensive tuner. But most of all Chris recognizes that the student-teacher relationship is a two way street. He is constantly evolving his style as students introduce him to new material. It is that open minded and gentle teaching style that makes Chris the perfect guitar teacher especially for young people. Like Michelangelo said, “I am still learning,” and so is Chris. – Kai Bidell, Denver, Co.

I am a singer-song writer who struggles with guitar, and I am so grateful to have found Chris Macor.  He is a fantastic guitar teacher.  He is very patient with me, and is able to meet me where I am with my current needs in every lesson.  Initially my fingers felt like I had no control over them, but Chris has brought a wide variety of techniques and exercises to my lessons to help me gain consistency, accuracy and musicality in my playing.  He helps me find creative yet accessible guitar accompaniments to my songs and helps me build my own technique at the same time.  He has a wealth of skill and knowledge and is a very versatile teacher.  I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their guitar playing. – Patricia Irby, Louisville, CO


Christopher Macor, musician and teacher

If you are looking for an accomplished musician teacher for yourself or your child who lives right here in Gunbarrel, I highly recommend Christopher.

A review of his website soyouwannaplayguitar.com introduced me to Christopher. He was exactly who I was looking for.

At 68, I wanted to learn to play the guitar and knew little about it. I was too old to start with theory and scales; I wanted to play music I liked and that is exactly how Christopher worked with me.

He is an excellent musician and teacher. He starts where you are and is very perceptive as to picking up your learning style immediately. He gives you choices, but with great guidance. He is extremely patient, but has high expectations. He is always available between lessons via email or phone for questions. He also has flexibility with lesson days/times. He was even willing to teach via Skype during the winter when I was in Arizona!. That was not an easy process, but he made that work too.

Without reservation, I would recommend Christopher.

Mary Sires, Gunbarrel, Co,